Scrutiny Panel

Given the increased Growth Board responsibilities for allocation of funding streams under the Deal, a Scrutiny Panel has been formed to ensure effective and coordinated scrutiny of the work and decision-making of the Growth Board. It’s membership comprises three councillors from each authority and it is empowered to review any decisions and make recommendations on reports to the Growth Board. This additional joint scrutiny function complements rather than replaces the existing Scrutiny Committees of each authority.

Cherwell District Council:

Councillor Tom Wallis


Councillor Lucinda Wing
Councillor Sean Woodcock (Vice- Chair)

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Oxfordshire County Council:

Cllr Nick Carter
Cllr Damian Haywood
Cllr Richard Webber

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Oxford City Council:

Councillor Andrew Gant (Chair)
Councillor Craig Simmons
Councillor John Tanner

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South Oxfordshire District Council:

Cllr Peter Dragonetti
Cllr Anne-Marie Simpson
Cllr David Bretherton

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Vale of White Horse District Council:

Cllr Andy Cooke
Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne
Cllr Matt Barber

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West Oxfordshire District Council:

Cllr Derek Cotterill
Cllr Ted Fenton
Cllr Julian Cooper

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