Oxfordshire Growth Board survey closed

The online public survey on the Oxfordshire Growth Board has now closed.

The Board discusses issues concerning strategic planning, economic development and sustainable growth.  It is made up of leaders from the district councils, the city council and the county council, along with members from various partners in the county such as the NHS, Oxford’s universities, the Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) and the Environment Agency.

By working together, the Board can oversee and monitor large-scale projects that benefit communities across the county, while also securing millions of pounds in Government funding to help improve people’s lives.

Individual districts remain responsible for their own planning decisions and locations for development through their Local Plan.

People were encouraged to complete an online survey which asked for feedback on all aspects of how the Growth Board operates.

The survey has now closed. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their views.

The responses will be used to help inform the review’s concluding report, which will draw on feedback from workshops with district and county councillors as well as key stakeholders and the public.

Recommendations will be presented to the Board on 28 January.

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