Members of the Advisory Sub-Groups

Three advisory sub-groups have been tasked by the Growth Board with overseeing detailed aspects of the Housing and Growth Deal and reporting back their advice and recommendations. These are the Housing, Infrastructure and Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Sub-Groups. They also provide a sounding board function for council officers, drawing on a wider pool of experience from locally elected councillors to inform the day-to-day delivery of the Deal. These groups are made up of councillors from each of the six councils of Oxfordshire, and they have no decision making powers.

The summary notes of each advisory sub-group meeting are reported to the Growth Board, and can be found in the agenda for each Board meeting on our website. The chairs of advisory sub-groups are often invited to attend Growth Board Scrutiny Panel meetings to present and answer questions about their work.

Infrastructure Advisory Sub-Group members

Housing Advisory Sub-Group members

Oxfordshire Plan 2050 (JSSP) Advisory Sub-Group members

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