The purpose of the Oxfordshire Growth Board is to build collaboration across the county on economic development, strategic planning and growth, and to extend that collaboration to authorities representing other areas, such as the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. The Growth Board is responsible for oversight of several programmes, including the Oxfordshire Housing & Growth Deal, City Deal, and Strategic Economic Plan. This involves agreeing the detailed contents of specific priorities, plans and projects.



All six voting members of the Growth Board are elected representatives nominated by their respective local authority. Growth Board meetings are held in public, with the papers published online a week in advance.  The Growth Board’s Terms of Reference allow for circumstances where a member authority that does not support a particular proposition, may opt out of it.

Following the Growth Board’s negotiation of the terms of the Oxfordshire Housing & Growth Deal with Government, its adoption was agreed by affirmative votes in all six councils and the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) Board. The Growth Board is responsible both for decisions about how Deal money is spent and for overseeing the work undertaken to deliver the agreed outcomes.

Governance Advisory

Advisory Sub-Groups

Recognising the value in involving a wider group of elected members in considering detailed aspects of delivery of infrastructure, housing and the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, Advisory Sub-Groups have been formed focusing on each of these areas. The Chair of each Sub-Group is drawn from the voting members of the Growth Board, with the express requirement that their role is to act independently in the interests of Oxfordshire and the Growth Board, and not of their own political group or local authority area. The other members of each Sub-Group are drawn from elected members from each Council. OxLEP’s Board provides similar advisory oversight of the work undertaken in the Deal’s Productivity workstream.

List of members of the Advisory Sub-Groups

Governance -Scrutiny Panel

Scrutiny Panel

Given the Growth Board responsibilities for allocation of funding streams under the Growth Deal, the Growth Board Scrutiny Panel ensures effective and coordinated scrutiny of the work and decision-making of the Growth Board. It’s membership comprises three councillors from each authority and it is empowered to review any decisions and make recommendations on reports to the Growth Board. This additional joint scrutiny function complements rather than replaces the existing Scrutiny Committees of each authority.

List of members of the Scrutiny Panel

Growth Board Scrutiny Panel Terms

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